Friday, February 25, 2011


The title of my dreamscape is downward spiral. It’s really simple to understand you see the nose orb and the mirror, which represents drugs use or partying. Behind that you can see the buildings melting this is the meltdown of home life. Whether it’s the lost of a loved one or a family. On top of that you can a bull. This bull is a famous symbol in the financial district of New York City on Wall Street. So the bull represents a high paying job maybe someone who is apart of corporate America.

On the other side you see a crucifix, a woman, money, car, and a movie screen all downing down the drain. This shows the lost of all things we love as human slipping away because of the drug use. Coming out of the hole is the hand holding a gun. This symbolizes death. Which is where this lifestyle can lead us. I chose to make the background red because red is a color of power. Maybe this can be the power that drug use has on our lives or the power a person will need to escape the use of drugs or any addiction.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Andrea's Dreamscape

The Original image I looked up was red landscape...It is a red sky over the water...then I found stars and put it onto the background on top of the sky to make it look darker but made the star contrast in color to make it more vibrant...The image is actually a blue sun...I cut it out and dodged it to make it super bright...I then added a layer of shadow on the ocean to make it look like the light from the sun was the only thing available...The three skeletons were copied from one skeleton I just cut them out and resized them...the one closest to the sun is in blue glow, not sure if it very visible without making it really big...The meaning of this I guess is I'm about to graduate college in two months and the constant reminder of my impending doom of getting older and becoming responsible is sitting on my in a way its death and we just keep getting closer. *SO MORBID* BLAH...IDK what it means I thought it up and it was cool in my mind..thats it


Lyndsay Moore Dreamscape

The inspiration for my dreamscape is my desire to travel all over the world during my life. I feel my desire to travel is in my genes. My family has planted there roots all over the world and because of this I have had the chance to experience many different states and countries. I have been in at least twenty five of the states, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Germany, and Italy. (I wish I had pictures from my trip to Europe by they were saved on my computer and it crashed, I lost them all!) Even though I have had my fair share of traveling I still feel that I have seen very little of what there is to see. I pulled this aspect into my dreamscape by making myself rather small compared to the scenery surrounding. Another feeling I have is that there is not enough time in life to experience all the world has to offer. It will be impossible to travel to every country, city, town, and village before I die. I added both a day and night sky to represent time and how fast it passes. With my dreamscape I grouped pictures of dirrerent types of places there are to see such as forests, deserts, lakes, mountains, and cities. I feel I didnt have one definitive background image so I have all of my images displayed (Sorry everyone, I had issues uploading my background image so Im just posting what I have, its better than nothing). Hopefully in time I will travel to all of the places I would like to go and my dreamscape will become a reality.

Warning: Katie's Dreamscape. Weirdness Afoot

For my dreamscape, I tried be as literal as I could, while throwing in a thing or two that I felt just represented some aspects of me. The background is a photo I took recently when I went down to Ringing Rocks Park. If you have not been there by the way, I recommend going, and remember to take a hammer with you so that you can actually ring the rocks. Before I go any further though, I must clarify that I have really... REALLY, strange dreams. They are distinctly amalgamations of everything and/or anything that I came across, saw, read, or whatever during the course of the day or previous days. If something seems really unusual, that’s probably why. I’ll start by breaking down some of the major things.

On the left side you’ll see a ninja slicing a large round wheel of gouda. This is actually from a dream of mine (I told you they were weird). It stands out in my mind as one of the most unusual dreams I have ever had and remembered. To make it even weirder, in my dream I was actually in a German restaurant while there was karaoke going on, but opted to leave that out. I somehow doubt that ninjas use their swords to slice up cheese.

The dinosaur you see in the background is a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the movie “Jurassic Park.” When I was a little kid this was one of my favorite movies. I was very much a tom-boy and had an obsession with dinosaurs. It’s placement towards the back is to reflect that it was a more prominent trait in my past, though the movie still sticks with me as one I still enjoy, and also that it was milestone in terms of effects in the film industry.

In the center to right you’ll see me sitting at a table looking deep in thought. I am one of those people that is always thinking about everything. My brain never really stops running. I’m always wondering about my future, my job, love life, friends, daydreams, etc. Sometimes these things can upset or worry me. However, if you notice in the image there is a faint hand on my shoulder. That is to represent my dad who passed away somewhat recently. I miss him greatly but I like to think that he is always there just over my shoulder.

The stately looking fellow that I am at the table with is known as Gentlemen Cho’Gath. He is a character from an online computer game that one of my friends had me playing. We were joking the one day about how strange my dreams are and somehow it came up that I would probably dream about having lunch with Cho’Gath, so I had to put him in here for funsies. Now what is neat about the game is that every time the creators make a new character, they post an “art spotlight” on them. These art spotlights are actually recordings of the person at the studio that actually created the artwork, like the Cho’Gath image, in Adobe Illustrator. These are actually really neat to watch especially since we will be using Illustrator later, and I find it kind of inspiring watch these being created.

There are a few other objects in the image you might notice as well. The Rubik’s cube in the corner represents my fondness for puzzles, trivia, and solving things in general (I have never solved a Rubik’s cube properly though). The LoLcat is just that. I am a dork, and the cat macros crack me up. I can spend hours on That is no moon in the upper left corner, but the Deathstar. I was very close to my older brothers, and often watched whatever they were watching, which includes Star Wars. Yes, I am that dorky, but it’s what I grew up with and a common link with my brothers. On the right there is a tiny image of me with little broken hearts around it. This is supposed to be my sad luck in love, but is something I usually keep to myself about. There is a rose on the table that is meant to represent how I am actually quite traditional when it comes to romance, and really appreciate all the silly sappy things that people do sometimes and are often taken for granted. At the top of the photo there is a shadowy image of me which is positioned to be show that all of this stuff is just stuff in my head. As for the baby penguins, I have a soft spot for animals, especially cute fluffy baby ones. I have been that way my entire life. Also, who doesn’t love baby penguins?

My dreams can truly be a surreal place, especially when all of these parts of my being come together into one giant lump.

I choose to do a castle with princess's. My daughter loves princess's and we are going to take our kids to Disney World this year, so I figured a castle with princess's would be fun to make. I made it look like the princess's are flying or floating, giving that magical feel that Disney World would have.(I showed it to my 4 year old daughter and she loves it.)

Jess's Dreamscape

I chose to create my dreamscape to symbolise adventure. I chose the background picture of a castle with a winter scenery. I love how magical the castle looks and it seems like a place full of adventure and fun. I added fall trees because i love fall and winter they are my favorite seasons because they are such pretty seasons. I added the picture of a bridge to interpret that fun can be anywhere. I used a picture of a birch tree because they are my favortire kind of tree, i love the colors of them. I focused more on a landscape type of dreamscape to tell my message of go on a adventure!

Kelly Raines_Dreamscape

My dreamscape is a collaboration of some of my favorite things. I used the beach as the primary background and then created a world of both real and fantasy. The girl blowing bubbles represents a sense of childhood and a favorite pastime of mine. The bubbles lead into a larger bubble that shows a memory of my boyfriend and me making faces. There are shadows of my friend and me on the sand that exhibit a sense of fun. I placed a mermaid on top of the ocean to bring fantasy into real world. The sky is composed of the sunset from the original picture as well as a rollercoaster, once again creating a fun, surrealistic feel. I also added the blue sky color to create more of a dream feel. I have the Disney castle on the horizon because I like castles and I like Disney movies and I felt this too created a surrealistic idea. I like to have fun and act like a kid so the images I used are symbolic of that. Life can be a thrill and it can be fun and your imagination can take you anywhere and that’s what this dreamscape represents.

Kat Marquez Dreamscape

One of my favorite things to do is play in the woods. Last fall, my friends and I spent a lot of time in the various parks around the Lehigh Valley, and I took pictures while we were there. My dreamscape is reminiscent of Alice's wonderland, or a faerie's wood. This enchanted forest is a mystical place where things are not always what they appear to be and where anything can happen. All the pictures I used I took myself on various trips or parties. The biggest challenge was deciding how to begin and what direction I wanted to go in.

Steven Santiago - DreamScape Project

For my Dreamscape project. I decided to work with one of my favorite villains "The Joker". The Joker is a man of mystery which resembles my dreamscape very well. I took a picture of New York and made the Joker the sky portion with batman added in the back. What I wanted to resemble with that image was no matter how beautiful a place is or perfect there is always a villain somewhere in this world. If you look at the back where Joker is you can see a shadow of Batman. What I wanted to show you here is no matter how bad someone maybe in the end there is always the good guy to take them down.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tony Russo - DreamScape Project

The original picture is of a aquarium in Georgia. When trying to start the project, I could not figure out where to go with it, so decided why not....Dreams! There was a period where I was having dreams that always had a fish tank or two with colorful fish inside. I found the aquarium pic and was happy. I had a dream recently where I was being smothered and saw the character from a comic book called “Concrete” standing over me. You can probably tell which image that is. I used the liquify tool on some background areas – We can all relate to some dreams being distorted and “weird” many or most of the time. The muscle body running represents when we feel like we are moving or can't move in our dreams. You can see thru him to some fish – he's there but than he's not. The silhouette in the doorway represents times when I can remember thinking in my dream how I can wake up if I need to and step out of anything unpleasant. The television in the left corner reminds me of dreams where we seem to be watching a group of people or a situation but do not play a role in the scene. The T.V. Screen is a image of the Vietnam War. I had dream one time that I was in Vietnam. When I tried to shoot, my gun was really a water gun – the kind that had batteries in it. The car represents dreams I had where I was driving an old Honda accord for a while. The sunflower represents those times when we wake up and think, “What the heck was that about?” - How can a sunflower grow in the ocean? There is a faint image of a train wreck, probably in the late 1800's. That represents those dreams that seem to barrel out of control. The twin bed is there just because.

Stephen Carbonaro's DreamScape

Welcome to my DreamScape. I call it, Ferrari Planet. They are taken here against their owners’ wills. On the planet right now are three Ferraris, a convertible, coupe, and former fastest car on earth, the Enzo. I decided to create Ferrari Planet because owning a Ferrari is a dream of mine. They are very hard to obtain vehicles. What’s better than a place where only they exist? The background is a beachscape with a spacescape layer over it. If you notice in the upper right corner, the Hubble Telescope made its way to Ferrari Planet. Hopefully scientists will get some photos of the planet, and find a way to put man on it!

My inspiration for Ferrari Planet is of course my love for Ferrari’s, and my interest in outer space. There was a special on TV; I think it was called Known Universe with Stephen Hawking, which gave me the idea for a space theme. He talked about how it could be possible for wormholes to bend time, so that got me to think, how farfetched would it be for Ferrari’s to be sucked up by aliens and whisked away to their own planets? I’ll just keep dreaming.

Nicole Smith Dream Scape Image

This is my dream scape picture. I chose this because I have always wanted to go to Niagara Falls to view the beauty of the water. I also love swans, and in my imagination they would be there too walking on water. They would be there enjoying all the fresh water and food. In my vision I am on the boat in the middle of the picture watching the big beautiful swans walk on water, and taking in the view of the scenery and foliage around.


For my Dream scape i decided to choose railroad tracks which I think are pretty neat. I started off by cropping this photo to get the windmill out of the way and than added much more details to this photo. I wanted this photo to have lots of different colors in it to show that this is a happy dream scape. I also wanted to show that there is some darkness in the clouds as it might rain down those railroad tracks. I decided to make this photo like this to show some meaning in life and nature. In this dream scape i wanted everyone to see that life can be good and bad as the girl represents the life as well as the nature does and also the clouds in the sky represent the bad. I put the railroad tracks in to represent that life is a long fun journey and you can look at life as bad but you can also turn all these colors in this dream scape to represent your life full of happiness. I hope you all like.

Mohsin Khawaja -Dreamscape Project

   This is an example of what global warming can do to out earth, in the future. Being aware of things that we can do to prevent this comparative picture you see. I transformed the beautiful island picture to this "ugly", Dry, Dangerous, Drought.

"The rate of warming is increasing. The 20th century's last two decades were the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia, according to a number of climate studies. And the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that 11 of the past 12 years are among the dozen warmest since 1850." (National geographic)

In this picture, my obvious focal point is the water drop; which indicates that us people do not realize how important water is to us and when that day comes, when you crave water we will realize the importants of H2o. The man walking towards the plain, is to add a little natural touch to the image.

Humans average intake of water should be 8-ounce glasses of water a day.


Magazine cover -Mohsin Khawaja

VERES_Dreamscape Project

     For my dreamscape i chose a simple landscape with a center focal point, and then built off of that. When brainstorming for this project i knew i wanted something within a symmetrical realm. Yet, at the same time i wanted something dark an eire, with a odd center point of focus. Which is why i decided to really work in a lot of opacity within my objects. To obtain a dreary look i first adjusted my background.
     I darkened the background and then started adding my layers. Each image was adjusted to fit into the scene an look as natural a possible.  Since the bottom half of the horizon line was very dark to begin with, i wanted to follow that through with my objects, so they had a look of blending into the ground. I chose some stock imagery for the objects, and some of my own imagery to form the dreamscape piece.
    The largest of the objects is an image i had illustrated a while back. It was an old time photograph that had worn away in certain places. Back when i came across this photo i decided to fill in the rest of his face which was the main part that had deteriorated. So I gave him somewhat of a zombie look, just to have a little fun with it. When building this project i decided to dig up this image and use it as the outermost image, his old time sepia tone, and odd face, i felt made for a good fit. I then duplicated him an flipped him horizontally. The two images facing in add that much more focus to the focal point in the center of the dreamscape. As for the lions, and knives, those are stock images, along with that of the falling man silhouette.

    Each image is symmetrical and faces inward towards the center which is the only part that depicts and asymmetrical image. In the very center there is an image of a man falling off a windmill. Both the man an the windmill are silhouettes, which i love because it is subtle and doesn't get to graphic.
   Overall i wanted somewhat of a dark, nightmare themed dreamscape, mostly just to try and get myself to think outside the box.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ryan L - Dreamscape

San Francisco: Rise

If it has not been completely obvious, comic books are my thing. Specifically Green Lantern, and even more specifically the 2009 DC main event entitled Blackest Night. The story involves swarms of Black Lantern rings attaching themselves to the dead and turning them into “zombies” (and I say that in quotes because even though the Black Lanterns are undead, they feed on hearts that produce emotion instead of brains). I took the opening of the event where the Black Lantern rings first come to Earth as the primary inspiration for my dreamscape. The base image was a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge that I acquired from, and from that I put an image of the moon in an imposing position in the empty space. After messing with levels and all the adjustments to darken the bridge scene as well as the moon, I then added the more important pieces. Using a picture of the Black Lantern ring that I wear, I fiddled with rotation and sizing to show the traveling of the rings, as well as adding dark smoke-like trails leading to the center of the symbol on the moon, which I designed based off of the resurrected fictional planet Xanshi in the book. The rings are a type of bio-computer, stating ‘FLESH’ as they search for the dead, and ‘RISE’ when they acquire a target, so I felt it appropriate to put those pieces from the comic into the image. Behind ‘RISE’ is Nekron, the self proclaimed embodiment of Death who is responsible for the rings creation and the entire Blackest Night. Flying away on the right of the shot is the reincarnated body of the superhero Deadman, wearing a costume that has been remodeled to show his membership in the Black Lantern Corps. That image was actually a picture I took from my figure collection. I also put a glow onto the face of the rings due to the fact that in the comic books, the rings produce light.

Monday, February 21, 2011

jwestover dreamscape

My dreamscape started off with a tear falling from an eye. Along side of it is a wishing well collecting and giving the water back. The picture has alot of meaning to it, but I wanted to try and have fun with it. I kept most focal points of the picture, but I got rid of the well and the bucket. I looved the blue and green coloring, so I wanted to continue plaing off of that. I created a flower growing from the ground, because as rain and even tears fall to the ground, it helps create and nourish life, like plants. I also turned the slit of the eye into a fishing pole. I added a set of hands and a reel, and then drew a lake. I did this because the rain and tears also help keep ponds and lakes full, which holds valuable foods, like fish, which helps us grow and nourish our bodies. It kind of encases the water or life cycle. I also blended in a moon to give some extra appeal to the picture.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

T.Russo - surreal painting

Memories of The Future by Mihai Criste

I like the title of this painting, Memories of The Future for two reasons. First, I think at first glance the title may seem ironic – how can there be a memory of something that has not come to past yet? But as I ponder the title a little more, I feel as though it is saying “Before you know it, tomorrow is here”. Or, “Time Flies”. When looking at this surreal painting, I personally get the impression that it is telling the audience, not too worry. The future may seem scary right now: Economic hardship, war, uncertainty. To me, it's as though the image is saying, “before you can record even the slightest idea into your memory bank of what can or will happen, the time passes before you know it, and what you anticipated did happen or was not even close”. Something you thought you would never get through and you did, something you thought would happen did – but your still here. The blue background behind the feathered pen that seems to be taking flight reminds me of freedom. The piece of parchment towards the left with what looks like Gothic font reminds me of tradition. The black ink in the jar, seems dark, and would leave a permanent stain, and there are also two ink drops. When I combine the images, I put together the idea saying: “For the longest time, you/we are so used to creating ideas of what can happen in certain situations (traditional/habit – which is shown by the old parchment paper to the left with Gothic font). Before you stain your mind with the darkness of fear (black ink), with the smallest ideas (two drops), do not even give way to such imaginations and soar through any circumstance (Feathered pen).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nicole Smith Surreal Image

This image is by Larry Carlson. I am not familiar with this artists work, but I really liked this drawing. When I saw this image it really drew me in.  It made me think of the circle of life. Where we come from and when we die we are buried, “From dust we are and dust we will return to”.  I really like the circular image motion of the clouds, and the circular roundness of all the other images in the picture. I like how the image of the young lady looks like she is sleeping on the grass but also sleeping underground. This picture in my opinion also includes all the seasons. You see a little snow indicating winter, grass indicating spring /summer, fall color on the trees indicating fall.  All the images in the picture tie together in circle of life and the circle of nature.  

Errico Surrealist Chess

Andrea Garcia

This contemporary piece has several themes to it, chess, depth, Greek Statue of Athena, two Hermes statues and what looks to be Aphrodite.  The Purple and yellow clouds leaves a feeling in the air for destruction but piece in certain parts. Though like ancient Greece where democracy and life was but a chess game. The marbles ground of the chess pieces really adds a touch of realism. It has a glare of the pieces but yet it also has glare from the sunset that the chess pieces portray. The pieces could portray the daily lives of the people and how they and are but pieces, while the Gods have shape. The shape of the Gods and that they actually take shape shows that the Gods only use and consider the people/pieces of the board to be just that pieces on a board game. While the most prominent pieces are the Queen and the Bishop, Queen because she is the most powerful. The bishop is practically touching Hermes (the messenger) the closest thing to the human world of conversation between the two different worlds.  The king inn the background speaks a lot of what the artist thinks about the role of men or kings. You can see that the heavens like the multi-colored sky, where half is dark and the other is day but both can be seen, the infinite rising sun the gods were once depicted. 

Amanda-surreal painting

This photo is by Salvador Dali, oil on canvas. 51 x 78 cm.  I chose to focus on this painting because i feel it has some meaning to it. In this photo i feel as though this figure or this head on all these poles is in a lot of distress or in pain. I feel that this painting was to represent somewhere far away like a desert or a land with pyramids. I also feel as though this head represents some pyramid structures the Pharaohs once had made out of stone. Salvador probably had his own meaning behind this but when i look at this painting this is what i see..

Katie's Surrealism Project

“Landscape of Butterflies” by Salvador Dali

I chose this painting of Dali’s because I felt it was quite different from some of his other works. It seems to have a more relaxed feeling to it. It’s as though he wanted to create something that maybe just didn’t have quite as much emotion put into it. He was really making it for relaxation or meditative purposes. It was break for him, to get away from other works where he might pour out everything he is feeling into one piece. Butterflies have a natural sense of peacefulness about them, the way they can just lightly, almost effortlessly, float a long from flower to flower. True to his fashion though, he played with the shadowing of the block behind the butterflies by not having the side façade be dark enough, and didn’t bend the shadow of the bigger butterfly around it. This painting may have even a romantic significance to it too. The larger butterfly with the blue could represent him and the smaller one could be a girl or someone that he was close to. This could represent their desire to be together, but like to keep away from everything else, as represented by the vast distance away of the landscape in the background.

Surreal Painting

Here is a surreal painting by Romanian artist, Mihai Criste. It’s obviously a giant wristwatch with birds flying by, in the sand at the beach. The immediate symbol that runs through my mind is that he is portraying the cliché of how time “flies by.” A wristwatch on the beach could also symbolize how easy it is to lose jewelry in the sand, so I can understand why he used a wristwatch instead of a clock or other type of time piece. According to the watch, it’s 8 minutes past ten. It’s certainly not at night, because the scene is taking place in day light. The colors of the scene are natural beach colors, blue sky and water, and brownish colored sand. The watch is also a basic colored watch with a brown strap, and gold trim.

Maybe the artist lost a watch at the beach once in the early morning, and this is why he has chosen 10:08 as the time. Whatever the reason for the time, I also notice that at 10:08, the hands are in the form of a bird flapping its wings. There looks to be a drop of water inside the face of the wristwatch. Perhaps it washed up on shore, from a different realm where whatever wears a wristwatch this size itself, is really big.