Friday, February 18, 2011


After looking at different Surreal paintings I came across this one because I believe it has a lot of meaning to it. The meaning I get is " Tear Drops Fall Far". As you can see it is a picture of a person's face focusing mainly on the eye and a tear drop falling and then there is a wishing well and a long way do the bucket has to fall. If you put them together a tear drop has far to fall out of the eye. This Surreal painting is created by: Mihai Criste. The colors in this image are blue's and greens. When I look at them I see the blue fading out and that means going farther then you know . This means that a tear can fall farther then you will ever know. So anyone can have there own opinion on this picture because there are 1000 different answer's to a painting then just one.

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