Friday, February 18, 2011

Discussion: Surreal Painting


             For this discussion i chose Vladimir Kush. I looked for a while and could not find the exact name of this piece but this caught my eye regardless. Here Kush took a pear and juxtaposed the position into a guitar type instrument (resembles more of a lute). It was clever to cut the pear in half an use the core as the sound hole for a guitar. Also the seam in the pear works well to visually resemble strings of a guitar. The   stem of the pear is another aspect that helps make the connection to the neck of a guitar. The pear leaves up top are a nice touch because it helps to remind us that the artist was not over selling the idea of making strictly a guitar out of a pear, it still retains pear aspects. The seeds and the silver plate are another example of this. 
               The surrealism really comes into play for me when i see the light airy background, and the little animals hidden in the background as well. It helps me to think of a dreamy atmosphere, and also allows the viewer to break away from reality. Other design aspects also help form this piece.
               The curtain breaks up the right side of the piece to help form a nice composition. I also like the color and attention to detail in the folds and creases. Its fun to look at it an realize it can work as both a still life and a surrealist painting.

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