Saturday, February 19, 2011

Errico Surrealist Chess

Andrea Garcia

This contemporary piece has several themes to it, chess, depth, Greek Statue of Athena, two Hermes statues and what looks to be Aphrodite.  The Purple and yellow clouds leaves a feeling in the air for destruction but piece in certain parts. Though like ancient Greece where democracy and life was but a chess game. The marbles ground of the chess pieces really adds a touch of realism. It has a glare of the pieces but yet it also has glare from the sunset that the chess pieces portray. The pieces could portray the daily lives of the people and how they and are but pieces, while the Gods have shape. The shape of the Gods and that they actually take shape shows that the Gods only use and consider the people/pieces of the board to be just that pieces on a board game. While the most prominent pieces are the Queen and the Bishop, Queen because she is the most powerful. The bishop is practically touching Hermes (the messenger) the closest thing to the human world of conversation between the two different worlds.  The king inn the background speaks a lot of what the artist thinks about the role of men or kings. You can see that the heavens like the multi-colored sky, where half is dark and the other is day but both can be seen, the infinite rising sun the gods were once depicted. 

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  1. this is one of the best ive seen so far, warm colors, that explains alot about chess