Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jamell Winn_Surreal Painting

The title of the piece I picked is Souls. When I first looked at the picture I was automatically
drawn to it because of its dark nature.
I noticed was the face on the bottom, this face looks kind of ominous and it
almost looks as though it’s looking directly at you. There’s a demon on this face and it spreads from the top of the mouth over the nose to the top of the forehead. Almost of if the artist is saying that everything this person sees, hears, speak and think is evil. Perhaps this face represents the cynical and primal nature that we all possess. We see evil, so we think evil; we hear evil so we speak evil.

Then I looked closer I noticed the face above this face is kind of looking upward.
This face made me think of hope or maybe a higher power. The only light in this picture
is shining through this face. Also it’s on a higher level than the first face. There’s also a demon on this face, but it not covering the face completely. I think what artist is depicting here is the destruction of evil thoughts. If you notice the light is shining at the bottom of the demon. The demon is not completely vanquished, so this shows the struggle.

Both face are sculpted out of trees. Trees represent life so I would say this piece
is about the balance of life between good and evil. We all struggle some of us more than
others. But at the end of the day we all hope to do better and life better lives.

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