Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kat Marquez Surreal Painting

Jacek Yerka's The Harbor immediately caught my eye. The image is at once hectic and serene. It is so beautifully chaotic. The colors are mostly blues and greens with white, brown and tan. The blues and greens are cool colors that inspire the feeling of serenity. The white, brown and tans add structuture and stability to the fluidity of the blues and greens.
The shell is the focal point of this painting. Where the shell's opening is, the human dwellings and transportation are visible while the opposite side of the shell appears to be underwater. this creates the same impossible effect as many Escher works.
The ships, buildings and aircraft appear to both man made and natural simultaneously. The shell and the city extending from it symbolize stability and safety. The interior of the shell shows a green field with a blue sky in the distance, symbolizing hope. The left side of the painting, the sea creatures, symbolize the unknown and it's danger and allure.
Overall I find this painting to be very aesthetically appealing and intriguing. I also enjoy the merger of human and natural accomplishments.

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