Saturday, February 19, 2011

Katie's Surrealism Project

“Landscape of Butterflies” by Salvador Dali

I chose this painting of Dali’s because I felt it was quite different from some of his other works. It seems to have a more relaxed feeling to it. It’s as though he wanted to create something that maybe just didn’t have quite as much emotion put into it. He was really making it for relaxation or meditative purposes. It was break for him, to get away from other works where he might pour out everything he is feeling into one piece. Butterflies have a natural sense of peacefulness about them, the way they can just lightly, almost effortlessly, float a long from flower to flower. True to his fashion though, he played with the shadowing of the block behind the butterflies by not having the side façade be dark enough, and didn’t bend the shadow of the bigger butterfly around it. This painting may have even a romantic significance to it too. The larger butterfly with the blue could represent him and the smaller one could be a girl or someone that he was close to. This could represent their desire to be together, but like to keep away from everything else, as represented by the vast distance away of the landscape in the background.

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