Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kelly Raines_Surreal Painting

“Atlas of Wander” by Vladimir Kush. Oil on Canvas - 24x21

Before I saw the title of this painting, I thought it might be referring to the idea of the tree of life. Darker tones are used on the leaves and the bottom of the tree that creates a dull, almost lifeless feel but then there’s a glow surrounding the tree and the tree opens up and this beautiful view of the water with a sailboat appears and seems to be displaying this idea of life and the world. This picture stood out to me because of the high contrast in color and it’s very intriguing to look at. I went back and looked for the title of the painting and it’s called “Atlas of Wander” and is done by Vladimir Kush. I think the concept of the tree of life still applies and that this tree is opening a whole new world to be explored and life to be lived. The tree opens like a book, more specifically an atlas that acts as a guide for venturing into the outside world. The image of an atlas and sailing by sea makes me think of Christopher Columbus. The leaves seem to be changing colors and falling off the tree so it may symbolize a time for change and trying something new. The painting could also refer to the concept of not judging a book by its cover. The outward appearance of the tree is very different from what you see when you look inside it. This painting is inspiring and beautiful and like the tree, it makes you look deeper into what you see and explore the possibilities.

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