Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lyndsay Moore Surreal Painting

Max Ernst. Forest and Dove. Oil on Canvas. 100 x 82 cm. 1927. Tate Gallery, London, UK.
The Forest and Dove was painted by Max Ernst. This is one of his most well-known pieces. According to an analysis by Tate Gallery in London this piece was done to represent the forest near Max Ernst's childhood home. He veiwed this forest as an enchanting and terrifying place. This forest provided inspiration to a number of his pieces such as Fishbone Forest, Cage, Forest and Black Sun, and Forest. The analysis also states that the dove represents Max Ernest himself. The color of the sky is a light and subtle blue. The structures representing trees interrupt this soft hue with dark thick brown colors. As you move your eye from the top of the images to the bottom its transforms from light colors to a heavy colors. You can see the texture applied in both the sky with soft blends of colors and forest with rough edges and lines. The dove is at the bottom of the painting and centered. The area around the dove lightens with color slightly, the dove has an orange beak and white eye. Doves can represent love, grace, promise, and hope. This symbolism could represent why the area around the dove lightens, bringing these aspects into a dark place. The dove is very small and can even be missed at first glance. I feel that Max Ernest represented the dove in the way he felt about the forest during his childhood. As a child when in a forest you could feel small, inferior, and possibly lost.

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  1. I can see what you mean by the way Ernest represented the dove and agree.