Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surreal Painting

Here is a surreal painting by Romanian artist, Mihai Criste. It’s obviously a giant wristwatch with birds flying by, in the sand at the beach. The immediate symbol that runs through my mind is that he is portraying the cliché of how time “flies by.” A wristwatch on the beach could also symbolize how easy it is to lose jewelry in the sand, so I can understand why he used a wristwatch instead of a clock or other type of time piece. According to the watch, it’s 8 minutes past ten. It’s certainly not at night, because the scene is taking place in day light. The colors of the scene are natural beach colors, blue sky and water, and brownish colored sand. The watch is also a basic colored watch with a brown strap, and gold trim.

Maybe the artist lost a watch at the beach once in the early morning, and this is why he has chosen 10:08 as the time. Whatever the reason for the time, I also notice that at 10:08, the hands are in the form of a bird flapping its wings. There looks to be a drop of water inside the face of the wristwatch. Perhaps it washed up on shore, from a different realm where whatever wears a wristwatch this size itself, is really big.

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