Friday, February 18, 2011

surreal painting, julia westover

This painting is called ocean sprout and was done by Vladimir Kush. He likes to take metaphorical concepts and turn them into artwork. Here Vladimir fits a large leaf into the entire countryside, impossible, maybe not? It may seem unrealistic, but he is showing how; like leaves need sun and water, so does everything else in order to flourish and grow. The stream is shown flowing downward toward the stem which is where it collects after it is collected from the ground. The artist uses green and brown earth tones, which are basically the colors of the tree or plant. The leaf is very symbolic of how the universe works, the leaf seemed to have floated down and landed there and life was formed on it. The life then runs down in the form of the river to its stem. This seems to enbody the water cycle or lifes cycle.

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  1. Great job explaining the meaning and details in the picture. I love Vladimir Kush, he is an awesome artist.