Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surreal Painting

The Surreal Painting I choose to discuss is Evening’s Flight by Vladimir Kush. This painting is so incredible and really makes you think. The landscape of a village at night seems so peaceful, like all is quiet. The owl is a nocturnal bird and Vladimir wants to convey the emotion of the owl being the protector of the city. With the owl being incorporated into the pavement expresses that feeling more. The colors of the painting are blues, yellows with gold and red. The colors look great together and make me feel a sense of peace. The owl looks almost haunting with its yellow eyes gleaming with the city reflecting in them. The first thing I notice in the painting is owl’s face with the city over it; it gives me the feeling of the city belonging to the owl. Kush expresses the owl as a symbol of time, the silence of night gives us a chance to concentrate on ourselves and take in thoughts and arrange them. The owl is a symbol of peace and wisdom and with the owl being the protector of the village having the gift of foreshadowing, perhaps, because the owl’s ability to see in the dark. The sky almost looks like its becoming daybreak with the sky half blue with the moon and then turning into lighter with clouds just above the village. There are a couple of people visible, coming out of one building and standing in the arch of another building. There is a very interesting statue in the middle of the village with a bird on the top with other birds flying around it. To me it symbolizes the daybreak approaching with regular birds coming out to the daytime but with owl being the protector and watcher over the village. I get this feeling from the painting because the proportion of the owl to the regular birds, the owl dominates the picture. I love this painting; it really says something to me and catches my attention.

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  1. This is a very creative painting job, it is very catchy .