Sunday, February 20, 2011

T.Russo - surreal painting

Memories of The Future by Mihai Criste

I like the title of this painting, Memories of The Future for two reasons. First, I think at first glance the title may seem ironic – how can there be a memory of something that has not come to past yet? But as I ponder the title a little more, I feel as though it is saying “Before you know it, tomorrow is here”. Or, “Time Flies”. When looking at this surreal painting, I personally get the impression that it is telling the audience, not too worry. The future may seem scary right now: Economic hardship, war, uncertainty. To me, it's as though the image is saying, “before you can record even the slightest idea into your memory bank of what can or will happen, the time passes before you know it, and what you anticipated did happen or was not even close”. Something you thought you would never get through and you did, something you thought would happen did – but your still here. The blue background behind the feathered pen that seems to be taking flight reminds me of freedom. The piece of parchment towards the left with what looks like Gothic font reminds me of tradition. The black ink in the jar, seems dark, and would leave a permanent stain, and there are also two ink drops. When I combine the images, I put together the idea saying: “For the longest time, you/we are so used to creating ideas of what can happen in certain situations (traditional/habit – which is shown by the old parchment paper to the left with Gothic font). Before you stain your mind with the darkness of fear (black ink), with the smallest ideas (two drops), do not even give way to such imaginations and soar through any circumstance (Feathered pen).

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  1. we can say alot about this beautiful ink butterfly. Cool soothing colors