Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frank Gehry

I really like Frank Gehry’s building’s they are so creative and have life to them. This one is my favorite building of his, the Hotel Marques de Riscal. It’s so pretty and shiny which is what caught my eye immediately. It seems more like a work of art, like a statue than a building. The fact that it’s a hotel is the best part of the building. All the different colors make it so unique and wonderful. To me it looks like ribbons. I feel like that might have been his inspiration for the design. I love the ribbon candy that’s around Christmas time and that’s what the building looks like to me. The pictures that feature the inside of the hotel look amazing, I feel like it would be a real joy to stay in this hotel. I love how most of the hotel is glass, it really makes the roof pop out.

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