Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright

This building is so beautiful to me. I would love to live there!! Nature is so beautiful and the way the building sits right on the cliff looks like it belongs there. From inside I bet it has the best view. The colors he chose to make this building go great with the landscape. The rock chimney is my favorite because it goes so well with the rocks beneath the house. It really makes the building blend into the cliff, the roof being an extension of the rocks beneath it. The square outline of this building is so unique. The way he designed the building to have the different size squares on top of each other simulate the dimensions of the rocks below it. I think his inspiration is the cliff and waterfall itself. The way the building is made blends so well to look like part of the cliff. He designed this building with organic architecture which is such a great idea. To be apart of nature with the running water below it has such a peaceful feel. The feeling of living there makes me feel at peace. It’s almost like a hide away from the worlds problems. It’s almost hidden with the nature around it like in the first picture you almost couldn’t tell it was there.

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