Friday, May 6, 2011

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry – Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center
I chose the $100 million Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Frank Gehry designed this building, with how complex the brain is, in mind. His inspiration seems to be how the brain ultimately has no limits or depths and he portrayed his vision through all the miraculous curves, angles, and depths this building has. The building literally looks as complex as the human brain.

I chose this building because of what it stood for and how much of a help it was to the organization. Gehry tells a story through the architecture of all his buildings, but the way this one twists and turns like there is no ending, really inspired me. The way the separate wings flow together suggests the way we think from day to day, as information flows from one side of the brain to the other as we move from thought to thought. In this particular work, I love how he is so modern with his shapes and lines and how he makes them look so industrial by using a lot of metals and recycled materials.

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