Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nick Veres Architecture Discussion

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater
Fallingwater is a home located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.  It was built between 1936 and 1939, for the Kaufmann family.  This home later became so famous do to the fact that it is literally placed over a 30’ waterfall.  The Kauffmann’s had a summer camp located in Bear Run, Pa, but do to economic downturn during the great depression they had to shut down the camp. The Kauffmann’s loved the area so much that they decided to build a home within the mountains to make for a permanent country estate.
I chose this piece of architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright because it is a very famous piece of American architectural history, and is located in Pennsylvania.  So that in its self speaks to me.
I realize it is a popular building to choose for discussion, but I truly love the aesthetics of this piece of architecture. What I like most about it is the way Frank Lloyd Wright was able to make the building blend in with the waterfall and the surrounding wooded area.  The fact that the home is placed over a waterfall, is pretty amazing on its own.
When I look at fallingwater I see another piece of natural stone imbedded in the woods. The placement of the building truly allows it to look as if it belongs there. It seems as though it was carved out of existing rock. A very beautiful piece of architecture to say the least.
Frank Lloyd Wright truly had a great eye for design.  Fallingwater is a great example of this.  Fallingwater is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most well-known architectures and one that is still very famous today.

Frank Gehry’s The Raisin Building
The Raisin Building Also known as the Dancing Building is located in Prague, within the Czech Republic. Construction on this beautiful piece of architecture started in 1994, and was completed in 1996. Financial backing was made possible through the ING bank. Therefore, Gehry, had an almost endless budget to work with. Although, with it’s unusual design the Dancing House did cause public debate for quite some time.
The Dancing House’s architectural style is known as deconstructivist architecture. The Dancing house is meant to resemble a man a woman dancing. To be more specific (Ginger Roberts and Fred Astair).
This Building speaks to me aesthetically because I can actually see the true fundamental meaning behind these buildings. I can see the building on the left being the woman. This building has many curves and a very pleasing organic look about it.  Its exterior is very streamline and sleek looking.  Its curves and very sheik look  help one realize that it could resemble a woman, in a very clean form fitting dress that accents her female figure.
As for the other side of the building it is a bit more stiff and rigid. Its exterior is not as smooth.  I can see this as being the more rugged features of the male. It is almost the opposite of the other building, much like men and woman in general.
Overall I love the two buildings and how they resemble two things but meld as one. I think the architectural ideas behind this are very creative and innovative.

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  1. I totally love the falling water house. I would to live in that!