Saturday, May 7, 2011

R.Lenig Architecture Project

The building I chose was the currently in-design Singapore Scotts Tower by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, and is the first structure that the OMA will make in Singapore. The tower is a 36-story, 153 meters tall, residential complex. The design was made by Ole Schreenen who partnered with OMA on this project, as the company does designing through Partnerships rather than to use an internal team of designers. The tower will have 68 apartment units, each with a panoramic view. There are four separate apartment towers, each suspended from the central core tower, and each tower’s skyline is designed to be the most attractive view for each respective apartment tower. Because all of the apartment towers are elevated to the central core, there is a large area beneath for relaxation activities and gatherings, due to the minimal space being taken up. The space beneath is deemed a tropical landscape due to the trees and scenery placed around the lower area.


  1. A cool Building to chose for sure. i think the building in itself could use more detail other than the crosshatching effect throughout.

  2. Good job on the building it looks good but i think it could have used alittle more shading from the sun shining on it, and the trees could use different color to, to add dimension.

  3. Wow, very cool building. Great job on the detail. I think trees may be too green, and perhaps some shading in different parts - it's a little overwhelming and might be a little hipnotic.