Saturday, May 7, 2011

R.Lenig Discussions of Architecture

The building I chose for the discussion of Frank Gehry is the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. I originally chose this because I liked the idea of a titanium, glass, and limestone building, but after seeing it I chose it because it also looks very good. Gehry was quoted as saying “the randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light” when questioned about the disorganization in the building’s curvature. The building has been hailed a monument of the Deconstructivism craze of architecture, which revolved around the idea of irregular designs exemplifying a broken, fragmented nature. This could have been his inspiration, but is unlikely as he was a man who cared not for grand, mass explored design movements. Another appealing aspect of the museum is that from the riverfront, the building looks like a large artistic piece, but from street level it looks unobtrusive and does not clash with the surrounding structures.

The building I chose for the discussion of Frank Lloyd Wright was the Robie House. I chose this one specifically because I love the layered look that the structure has, and it looks like a building I’d really enjoy living in. This building is a U.S. Historic Landmark in Chicago. This building is a prime example of the style called ‘Prairie Style,’ which is claimed to be the first American design movement. It is claimed as such because the design is based strongly off of the land and scenery around the location of the build site, which could also have been a major playing piece in Frank Lloyd Wright’s inspiration to build the house in such a way. Wright wrote in regard to the house, “it is quite impossible to consider the building one thing and its furnishings another. They are all mere structural details of its character and completeness.” Signifying his desire for complete unison of all pieces involved in building the house.

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